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Hello I'm faerie sarah, Welcome to Handmade Wonderland. 


A little nook of the enchanted Forest where art, magik and wonder reign supreme. 


I created this colourful creative space to do what i love, share it with the world and inspire You to do it too! 


I believe in Art Love which is art created from the heart, art to uplift and art to connect you to your spirit. 


I believe that we are all infinitely creative and that connecting in to our creativity is essential for our wellbeing.



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Before wonderland I worked within the education system, I taught primary school kids the joy and play of art and stories, I then worked in both public and private high schools and witnessed the healing power of art, through transformation and personal expression Sadly I aslo watched it, like a double-edged sword hurt young adults.  What they truly needed was a space to just be, A space to express themselves, to learn skills and play, not another assessment, homework, assignment, essay space.

So I moved from the education system into the health department and worked at an art therapy centre at the cities mental health institution, here I watched again the magik of art help deeply wounded hearts and minds begin to heal. Again it was a system and I longed to expand beyond the confines of regulation and red tape,


I longed to combine my love of Witchery and holistic energetic healing practices into the art-making practices so I branched out and began creating my own workshops called "Art for Your Heart". Eventually, i left the Art Therapy centre and created the Handmade Wonderland of 'Faerie Sarah Art' a magikal space to create art and magik to share with the world as well as online, small group and 1 on 1 art workshops that embraced, magik, transformation and play. 


Welcome and brightest blessings

Love faerie xxx