Mother Holle - Winter's Crone

For the Solstice I have created this Illustration of a being I first met about 4 years ago, an old herbalist who lives in a tree in my visionary inner world.

When I would visit her in her big old home within the tree she would often gift me herbs and songs for healing and when I would source the herbs back in the physical world they would always turn out to be very healing and relevant for that time in my life. She protects and comforts my inner child. One day she told me her name was Mother Holle.

Perhaps you know her as Frau Holle, Hulda, Holda or perhaps even the Great Weaver.

"In some Scandinavian traditions, Frau Holle is known as the feminine spirit of the

woods and plants, and was honored as the sacred embodiment of the earth and land

itself. She is associated with many of the evergreen plants that appear during the Yule

season, especially mistletoe and holly." Patti Wigington - The Legend of Frau Holle.

Written about in a fairy tales she is a herbalist, linked to Norse Hulda and the Scottish Cailleach. I can’t properly put into words the ways that magik works and weaves through my life but Mother Holle is a great example. In the WildWood Tradition of witchcraft she links me to the cosmic Weaver, the oldest of old stardust spirits.

Drawing her for this illustration I focussed on a vision she showed me of her standing at the Winter Solstice with a spiral and as I drew she began to reveal more to me about herself and her magik, I still don’t understand everything she asked me to include in this image, it is a piece to sit and ponder. She also whispers that this is but one face, that she is ever transforming and revealing herself.

The original illustration was inspired by a vision of Mother Holle at the Solstice tree, holding a candle, illuminating the darkness, as i drew more symbols flowed out of my pencil, each one adding to the greater wonder that is Mother Holle and the great Crone's of Winter.

I love that she was completed for the Winter Solstice 2020, where she sat pride of place upon the Hearth Altar amongst the Cancerian Dark Moon and Solar Eclipse magiks.

My hope is that this print brings art love and magik to your home, may she inspire your own journeys within your visionary realm to meet with her.

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