Gaia's Story


2017, Acrylic on Recycled Canvas.

In 2017 I was invited to create work on the theme "Climate Change." The artists around me recreated very real scenes of

peril and destruction. I had no interest in recreating trauma.

I was sick of people arguing about 'Climate Change.' I did not care if you thought it was real or not, the arguing was not helping anybody. Instead, I wondered if the real problem was that we had all thoroughly lost our way.

The goal of my art is to inspire, to connect us to our heArts, i believe humans that are inspired, full of Wonder, connected to their hearts and to Spirit are humans who are healthy and connected to Life itself, humans who prioritise connection and rehabilitation. I make art to uplift, remind and inspire the audience, to remind them what is important, remind them of the beauty and wonder of the Earth, that is our unifying Mother.

I wanted to remind the audience that we already have ALL the solutions we need, they have been created already, the science is here, we just have to turn our Full Attention towards it. The Goddess stares straight into your eyes, "Are You Ready?"

I have included beautiful renewable energy solutions from Wind Turbines that always fill my heart with delight when i see them, heliotropic sunflowers have inspired my solar panel design to add beauty to the landscape. I have also included a very small selection of endangered animals i have been incredibly fortunate to have spent some time with; Arara a Red Macaw friend and a baby Tapir in the Amazon Jungle and Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo Spirit Bird and the little Bandicoot who visited the property I was so fortunate to live on. It was interesting to feel the connection between the Brazilian and Australian Wildlife together both colonised lands in incredible danger.

The Goddess is centred in this piece, are you centred? How do you show up in this world? how do you care? What role do you play? You are not to small, we are all in this together, we are all connected.

"Holy Mother, In whom we live, move and have our being

From You All things emerge

And unto you All things return"

I'm selling this Original Painting for an AMAZING SALE price to help me build my Dream Art Studio.

you can find her in my ETSY shop

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