Faerie Sarah Official - What's in a name?

Hey Art Lovers and magikal folk.

I tried to change my Facebook page to Faerie Sarah Art a little while ago and they refused my application. The powers that be asked for an announcement on my website, some proof of name change, apparently the change in name may lead people astray? Something to do with branding...

Branding feels blah, i'm an artist not a brand, algorithms feels fake, curated social media spaces feel stifling. Does it all even matter?? Bla bla bla, it all felt too hard, i way over thought it all and so in overwhelm, I let it slide.

It's popped back up on my radar and so i thought let's make this official.

Handmade Wonderland's Beginning

In 2005, i was in my final year of art school and for one assessment i had to come up with a plan for the future of my art. I created an Art Centre that included a community gallery, cafe, herb garden, art studio and healing space. It was called Handmade Wonderland. A creative place for many art lovers to be. Handmade Wonderland was never meant to just be me, it was an umbrella, a space, a Wonderland for many.

My art has been signed as faerie since i was 16 but i never felt brave enough to truly claim the name for myself, i get squeamish and "who do you think you are" and a whole pile of other limiting blerps about it all. The Critic is a Biatch!

I think i resisted setting up my Facebook page initially as Faerie Sarah because i have been afraid to be myself in the world. The message came loud and clear early on that faeries = madness, that the 'fine art world' didn't like faeries, that my work would never be 'taken seriously', yadda yadda yadda. The saddest part was that i actually listened and let the fear and prejudice of others taint my magik in the world. Big life lessons here!

Perhaps i am Alice and have I found a way through the red queen's labyrinth of Wonderland, perhaps the art centre will be born one day. Perhaps i don't actually want to leave Wonderland - it's a pretty fabulous place to be!

- Official Announcement -

All i know right now is that it is an act of whole hearted expression in the world to step up and into this space of faerie Sarah - officially.

Hello my name is faerie - this is my Art

Faerie Sarah Art - The facebook Page


Come swing by the Facebook page and say Hi, i'd love to know how you first found my art work in this big wide world.

Thank you for the support and encouragement

love faerie


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