Carol's Tree of Life

A painting commission came my way in the new year for another tree and the so a story and painting began to unfold full of synchronicity, magik and Art Love.

I hadn’t seen Jade since we did our Reiki Training together many many years ago. She reached out asking for a painting commission for her Mother.

It was remarkable for many reasons, firstly it was painted by a friend of Jade’s mother Carol, who had passed away a few years ago. Carol painted this tree just before she died. Unfortunately, Janes mother’s birthday was the day Carol died and so you can imagine how hard that would be. At Carol’s Funeral the print of Carol’s Tree was given to everyone who attended the funeral. Jade thought it would be a lovely thing to have the small print recreated into a larger painting for her Mother’s upcoming birthday in June.

Jade tells me her Mother and Carol did their Reiki Training together with the same magik lady that Jade and I went to all those years ago and I feel thread of Reiki weave around us and our Reiki Master Trish Coole of Coole Balance whom I would also go to see for energy healings and all sorts of magical workshops for years – the magik of Reiki was drawing us all together.

The inspiration for the painting was posted to me in the mail, a little card printed with a picture of a tree of life.

When the print arrives for me to design the painting from another connecting thread pulls us all together – the print looks remarkably like the style of paintings from the amazible Perth artist Dawn Meader

I went on an art retreat led by Dawn to Bali in 2015 and painted the Tree of Life. I contacted Dawn and asked about Carol and she confirmed that Carol had been attending her classes creating this painting when she passed away – the painting never finished.

And so I have all these threads of connection and synchronicity weaving all around me, its amazing and I know I have to do this painting.

Every time I set up for painting I light as candle to the great creative spirit but this time I’m also calling to Carol to honour her as I paint.

It’s such an effortless flowing delightful process from initial priming of canvas to final glaze of varnish and I feel the magik around me at all times as I paint.

Here are a couple of work in progress photos of the making of Carol’s Tree of Life

What a magical joy to paint.

It feels very fitting to finish this painting of Carol’s Tree in the week of Samhain, as the veils between the worlds are thin, a time when we honour our beloved dead.

Blessed Be Carol and the Great Creative Spirits and blessed be to Jade and her family, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to paint for you. And gratitude to Dawn and Trish beautiful souls inspiring, healing and opening hearts with their love filled work in the world.

For Art Lovers and Magik Folk of Perth;

You can find out more about Trish and her healing work over at her facebook page

And you too can paint with Dawn and see her beautiful art at

Love Faerie xx

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