Art Witch April

This is an invitation to join me for 5 Wednesdays exploring and celebrating Art Witchery.


I nearly didn't share this year, I hesitate because we are all so very burdened at the moment. But perhaps this can be an unfurling of love, a little moment in our week to focus on something else, to focus on what we love, on what brings inspiration and empowerment in tough times.

Wednesday 1. Let's introduce ourselves and or our Art Witchery

Wednesday 2. Share your favourite ArtWitch materials

Wednesday 3. Share what's currently inspiring you

Wednesday 4. Where do you ArtWitch?

Wednesday 5. Do it! Share it! Art Witchery in action.

To participate just tag your posts with #artwitchapril so we can follow along or you can join the new Facebook Group - "Faerie Sarah's Art Witch Circle" if you like.

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