The Making of Forest Spirit

In 2015 I travelled to so called Queensland for the very first time. While there we travelled to Byron Bay in Northern New south Wales, visited the Gold coast, Springbrook and the Glasshouse Mountains.

The trip was so magical I was inspired everywhere I went.

Everytime I travel to lands with new ecosystems I am dazzled, so in love with the wonder of the growing world around me, I love to take time to sit and sketch plants and animals and daydreams I encounter on my travels. I have sketchbooks filled with travel sketches but I’m yet to make the time to paint them but one kept calling me and so I’d like to introduce you to

"Forest Spirit"

Forest Spirit began as a daydream sketch in November 2015 after venturing for a week to wondrous places

I realised I hadn’t painted much this year. I had been so focused on ‘Art work’ I hadn’t been making time for Art Love. I attended a 6 week Iron Pentacle Workshop in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft, I made a video about it at the You Tube channel you can check it out here

Iron Pentacle asks us to get into alignment with Passion – one of the 5 point of the Iron Pentacle, that night we danced and chanted and brewed the most delicious potent spell water I was then able to pop some in a jar and take home. Over the week of passion I kept encountering the word Play and I noticed that I wasn’t playing anymore, I wasn’t painting and creating for the Art Love. I played within my art journal with such freedom and ease to realign myself and then I popped out a canvas and attempted the same play only to be confronted by such resistance, such fear and trepidation, niggly thoughts of perfectionism and gallery walls and art critics, my whole university degree in my head nagging at me about capital A art. No wonder I had been avoiding painting. In that moment I leant into all of my resistance and instead of turning away I made a pact that I wouldn’t share anything I painted upon this canvas on social media until it was finished. Perhaps the social sharing was frightening me and adding to the whole ‘outside world opinions’ even though everyone on my social worlds is so kind and full of ArtLove there is still the comparison energy, the external approval factor, the crickets and striving when I post and nothing happens and I know its algorithms these days but I see so many others doing so well and I come short. This is the trap of comparison, it is a thief of my own creative joy and play, so I made my vow and dipped my brush into my Passion water and began to paint referencing the original sketch from my travels to sacred Yugumbeh Country and layer by layer she began to emerge.

Sundays became afternoons of paint play!

Layers layers layers of leaning into the fear and resistance to create and paint and dipping my brush into passion everytime and witnessing all the crap dissolve.

What divine magik.

I guess that is the power of the Iron Pentacle and the Art Witch.

Forest Spirit is now available in The Etsy Shop.

Thanks for being here beloveds

Brightest blessings

love faerie


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