The making of The Moon Lover

I love to paint, I love the smoosh of liquid colours squeezed from a tube, scooped from a tub, poured from a bottle, I love paint brushes like wands blending, mixing, smooshing the paint over a surface.

I had been desiring the distressed look of ‘boat wood’ We had just moved into our little apartment and made our selves a wooden thingamy to house speakers an entertainment unit if you like and I desired to paint it like boat wood so I thought I would practise on a wooden surface I had lying about all the things in the art room.

This was April 2018.

And now here we are in November and what began as a session of colour play has ended in this painting.

I thought I would like to take you through her evolution from humble beginnings to this ‘finished’ place.

Here you can see the boat wood effect I was going for and then I decided I wanted to actually make a thing of it but I had no idea what so I painted in a burnt umber a portrait looking out to something I wasn’t quite sure of yet.

I refined the face at this stage, she is definitely looking up at something, what exactly I still wasn’t sure. I began to play with hair tendrils, perhaps they will be holding an assortment of things I shared on the social feeds, she was still a mystery.

The next painting session is post Iron Pentacle and I have put to good use my ‘passion’ water and I dove headfirst into the unknown listening to the first intuitive voice and let loose, here you can see the beginnings of a hill has emerged a night sky and a snail friend. I just kept following the strangeness that whispered curious things like, hang a key here and paint an eye there that left a trail somewhere else. For a while I just had half a night sky an ocean and a hill and then it all came together as I dipped the paintbrush wand into the passion water and let all the curiousness flow.

Magikcally this picture was featured on the ‘Your Creative Push’ Instagram page which is amazible synchronicity because I often listen to this podcast as I would paint – I was delighted!



At this stage I called her The Moon Lover, her third eye unlocked by the magik key.

And finally a golden sheen added to the key and magik dust flowing out of her third eye.

A friend over at the FACEBOOK PAGE said she asked her her name and she very gently whispered ‘Azura’. How magical.

And so I welcome ‘Azura the Moon Lover’ to Handmade Wonderland.

She is acrylic paint on the first ever wooden prop I made at Art School in 2004. A place I went to learn how to paint but instead learnt nothing about paint and everything about how to keep painting in the face of adversity and disbelief. Perhaps another post for another time. So many layers, and memories and time. What a magical journey. I hope my 2004 self can see us now and feel peaceful and magik.

Here she is as an Artist Quality print on archival acid free paper, Azura The Moon Lover will be available at the Handmade Wonder Shop on Friday for the Full Moon Update

blessed Be art lovers


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