A Beltane Love Spell

This year Beltane has tipped me over and poured me out. I have had to go on a Persephonesque decent to the underworld and dare to return more whole myself, more authentic, more embodied in this one.

Post descent and fall apart Spirit guided me to an empowering practice, quite revolutionary, I might add – the magical art of Self Love.

It’s hard, but in a society that profits from our self doubt and self hate we must dare to change our gaze from that of scrutiny to that of LOVE. I DARE you to try this life changing spell for yourself.

You will need

A Mirror

An even mix of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and newspaper or a clean soft cloth

A candle

Some incense or a diffuser and oils in a scent you love you

A paint brush

Some body paint in your most favourite colours

a jar of blessed water.

A delicious snack and a glass of magical tea, wine or water – whatever you like.

An old sheet or towel or some thing to lay on you don’t mind getting paint on.

Optional – journal, camera.

Set up your space, perhaps pop on some chill music, turn your phone on silent, set the spell ingredients all about you, create a comfortable space and place. Take your mirror and set it before you and use vinegar spray to both physically and energetically cleanse the surface of the mirror from any past projections and judgments.

Next, Tune Into Your Body, notice if you’re comfortable… if you’re not, move your body.

Place your hands upon your heart centre and take a moment to acknowledge any fear, resistance or doubts you may have. Acknowledge that this is powerful life changing work you are about to partake in, and set your intention for this spell of loving kindness.

Light The Incense or turn on the oil diffuser

Notice Your Breath and take three deep breaths, imagining that with every exhale you are grounding down into the earth and the present moment. Feel how the earth and your body, your body and the earth are the same.

Call upon your spirits, guides, guardians, deity, highest self, the universal grand magical creative she-bang… whatever resonates, call this magik in, acknowledge the creative force and power running through you and connecting you to all things as you Light Your Candle.

Dip your paint brush, which is now a magical wand, into your jar of blessed water and then into your favourite colour and you are going to choose a body part or spot of your body you usually criticize and instead this time without any words or story you will paint a love heart on this place saying “I am grateful for my (name of body part)”

Continue to paint hearts all over the places you would usually criticise or doubt or poke, prod, despise, hate, wish anything other than they are. For a moment we will suspend judgement and just for this spell you will paint a heart and say you are grateful to have legs, knees, chin, I am grateful to have a stomach, I am grateful to have thighs, I am grateful for my endless list of possible places to draw a heart on.

At some point you will need to look into your magical mirror and paint from here, again suspend judgement just for this spell and instead just focus on painting your hearts.

Stop at random moments to enjoy your delicious snack and delightful beverage, savouring them and they joy they bring your body. Save some of each to offer the fae and your spirits.

When you feel you have painted and offered gratitude to this one as much as you can.

Put the paintbrush wand into the water and gaze into the mirror, right into your eyes, really take a moment to see into the depths of this one. Say out loud.

With every heart upon my skin

Gratitude starts to soak within

And as I heal, I stand tall

And love ripples out and touches all.

So mote it be

Give thanks to your spirits and leave them your offering.

You may like to go be amongst nature who is the best teacher of how to beautifully just be as we are in the world. Let flowers dazzle you and the oldest gnarliest trees take your breath away.

In my witchcrafting practice, Beltane, the marker of the exact point between Equinox and Solstice may have just been but i feel it is a doorway that opens to the next 6 weeks till Solstice. It's like a season rather than just a day, even though the day is particularly magikal when the veils between worlds is most thin.

I guess what i'm getting at is you can do this spell at Any Time and there is no better time than Now!

Blessed be beloveds and please do let me know how you go with this one

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