Dark Moon ArtLove Letter

Each Dark Moon i write an Art Love Letter and post it off to everyone signed up to the mailing list. Every month my beloved husband reads it and beautifully says - more people need to read this. He is my biggest encourager - bless him. He suggested i pop them on the Blog, but i really want the newsletter to be of value or why would anyone subscribe if they can just find it on the blog. This month, i really felt like sharing my heArt wider so i'm popping some of my musings here -

Here we meet in the darkness of the Libra flavoured moon, a time of Balance as the Equinoxes also approach.

I have recently returned from a week-long witch crafting intensive called Witchcamp in the Reclaiming style of magik. This was in no way a retreat from the world, instead, it has been a magikal intense 6 days of ritual, pathworking and optional offerings. My goodness, I have come home so fricken high, I have slain demons, cried bucket loads of tears and snot, I have danced and chanted and visioned and meditated, I have faced so many parts of myself. I have come to know so many parts of myself. This is probably the most intensive spiritual work I have do