31 Days Of Harry Potter

Recently one of my little sisters tagged me in a post on social media asking the question – how did i get into Harry Potter or Why did i love Harry Potter, something like that.

I remember when the books first came out I was it was 1997 and I could not have cared less about some 11 year old boys wizarding world. In fact I knew nothing of it really till maybe I was 18 years old when the first film came out. I liked it but honestly i didn’t really care, my little sister was about 8 or 9 at the time and she loved Harry Potter, I remember buying a Harry Potter t-shirt for her and I remember her reading all the books but it all never phased me, I was too lost in being that tumultuous age and all it entailed.

Fast forward to 2005 I was in my final year of my first degree at university. I was studying Textiles as a major at the visual arts school. I was very interested in witchery – well der, and I was very interested in the use of symbolism, mythology and story within my work. One day my lecturer asked me if I had read the Harry Potter books to which I replied I had watched the first two films but i hadn’t really gotten into it, he set me the task of reading the 3rd book for homework, he said this was where the story would begin for me. Harry Potter for homework it was hilarious but you know what happened – I devoured that third book! I was so astounded by JK Rowling’s use of symbolism and occult woven through a ‘children’s’ storybook, I was enthralled and for the rest of the year my lecturer and I would swap interesting symbolism and wonder about the stories as we pulled them apart and examined why certain characters where named certain things and explored all the mythological and magical links.

Later that year I was working in a particularly magkal job at a chocolate, tea and coffee shop. Once a week I got to hang out in the shop all by myself, put on whatever music I wanted, make gift baskets and sip tea and eat chocolate all day – winning! Magikal things started to occur at this shop one of them was a dream where one day