Lost and Found Exhibition

Old friend Facebook reminded me yesterday that it has been two years since I put the call out to my friends and the Handmade Wonderland community to help find my stolen sketchbooks, which means that today marks two years since they were found and kindly returned to me. You can read about their adventure here.

Since then these journal pages, now torn from their bindings and covered in mud have been reworked and eventually travelled to Melbourne with me to be apart of an Almost Solo Exhibition at the Incube8r Gallery Fitzroy in January featuring a handful of local artists exploring the theme ‘Lost and Found.’

As an overly sensitive artist it did feel really weird at the Lost and Found opening night to have all these illustrations that were not ever meant to leave my sketchbooks up on a gallery wall, these drawings aren’t my best work, they left me feeling vulnerable, they are scrappy and scrunched up bits of paper. I did this to myself and I wanted this opportunity to share them out into the world but standing there at the opening night I just wanted to hide or cry or I’m not sure but I felt a bit shit. Alas the woe of the artist and the overly sensitive soul.

In time I came to realised that that is what happens when you open up your rib cage sketchbook and let people peak in at the heart space, the sensitive parts, the strange crumbly not perfect parts – it’s vulnerable and that is real and wondrous.

LOST song by Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra

In a turn of wondrous synchronicity Shaun Tan had a recent exhibition at my fave Melbs gallery ‘BeinArt Gallery’ in Brunswick called ... Lost and Found. We were travelling in the UK at the time and missed the opening night but as luck would have it the weekend we returned Shaun himself was going to visit the gallery and do a book signing – oh my squeeee.

I have loved this man’s work for so long. In fact when I gushed and said this to him he very humbly said thank you and asked me how I first came across the work and I actually had no idea – derp.... such a good conversationalist. His work feels like it has been a part of my life always. I think I truly fell in love when I first read the Red Tree and then when I was studying primary school education in 2006 I loved finding ways to worm all all his books into my english lesson ideas. I never did teach in Primary schools, instead when I graduated I was picked up straight away to teach Visual Art in secondary schools. For the next 3 years while I pursued art teaching I made sure Shaun’s books were apart of at least one project a year :D

Here are quick peak at the exhibition.

Horn Duck with tiny Sun.

The Writer.

Song Master.

Summer Reading.

And here is me being a derp, losing all my words and not being able to speak, just grinning like a goon but thankfully I knew this might occur so pre-wrote a gratitude letter on the train to say "thank you for all the inspiration" lovingly torn from my new sketchbook.

Cheers to all things Lost and Found, the exhibition is sadly at an end but you can still buy Shaun's gorgeous original artworks by contacting the gallery


Stay magik and seek wonder

Love faerie xxxx

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