Travel Spells - We are off to the UK

I am heading to the UK in 2 sleeps time! I am going on a magikal tour around the countryside visiting lots of sacred sights with my darling husband and 9 of our friends, ermagah i am so very, very excited. To prep for travel i love to create travel spells and i thought i would share some of them with you here.

Sigil magik is not a practise I employ often but when I do I really enjoy it. I mention sigil magik in the free PDF you can get on my website or when you signed up for the LoveLetter– 13 Ways to Add Magik to Your Creative Practice. I have had some feedback from the PDF asking what on earth sigils are. So here is the process I have used to create a sigil to aid us in our travels. I am in no ways an expert on sigil magik. I recommend reading up on it for yourself– there are lots of google articles and books out there. But here is my process.

So to begin, according to my current understanding and processes, a sigil is a unique spell created through condensing an intention down into a symbol. Throughout the process of creation they are encoded with your specific intention so they are potent and powerful and being handmade and creative is a very wonderful way for an Art Witch to make magik.

Let's do some SIGIL MAGIK

You will need a mark making tool of choice and a surface. Even if I am putting sigils into paintings I will always work in my magik journal first to practise various layouts.

Create your intention - what are you wanting?

For my first sigil it's focus is luggage protection, there is nothing worse than worrying about bags of stuff. Now this doesn't mean i can leave our bags in the middle of the Bangkok Airport and go wandering off - i'd probably get arrested. This sigil instead helps our peace of mind to know throughout our trip our bags will be not lost, damaged or delayed - I still need to do my bit to help this process!

Whatever your intention, keep it voiced in the present tense.


Rather than


I have chosen


Some witches then go through and cross out all the vowels – but I don’t, I like vowels, I feel they hold a lot of energy, no word is complete without them so why would my sigil be, but remember this is just my opinion and I am NO authority on sigils, so you do what works for you.

I cross out all the double letters.

So i have ended up with these letters


I then take the remaining letters and create a symbol with them. I will do this a few times until I find a symbol that I really enjoy. I like the circle of the O creating a shield and the c and U making the crescent moon.

sigil magik -

Then write out the symbol onto whatever you want – in my case it was written on the back of my luggage tag. Depending on your intention you could write the sigil on anything – your phone, a blackboard, mirror, jewellery, painting. Whatever you want.

The next piece of travel magik I have created is an offering pouch.

Last time we visited the UK in 2013 I took some Mookite gemstones with me, this is a jasper local to Western Australia where I was born. I left little stones in gratitude for the magikal energy of different places we visited. All over Ireland and the UK are offerings at faery trees called Clooties, strips of rainbow coloured fabrics and wishes tied to the limbs of branches. Some places I went to had such profound energy and people left all sorts of weird shit as offerings that is bordered on looking like litter and if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s rubbish lying around everywhere – like really who thought the coke can was a good offering? But who am I to judge someone else’s moment – but feck, I was judging. I digress. Anyway this trip I have a pouch this time with gemstone chips of Mookite, Rose Quartz a divine love stone, a gratitude stone a heart stone and Amethyst, this gemstone is a portal to the fae for me, I LOVE Amethyst. I have also combined herbs into this year’s offerings, some of my faerie flowers mix harvested from my sister’s magikal garden which I then added patchouli, my favourite witches herb.

Cauldron and faerie offerings -

Spell Pouch

The last piece of travel magik is a spell pouch, like the offering pouch but once this one is knotted shut it isn’t undone till we return safe and sound home again. I have included gemstones for travel – moonstone and yellow jasper are my favourites and a magikal herb mix of plants with metaphysical properties of qualities we would like to fill our travel experience with. A sigil is going to be stitched to the front of the pouch this evening with the last of the dark moon and beginning of the new moon.

Spell Pouches

The dark Moon with move into the new moon the evening before we leave which will aid the final element of these spells which is the charging up of them

I have placed each of these onto my altar - a magikal space set up in my studio, to brew basically. Then I shall create about me a magikal space and weave into the spells energy from my spirit allies and the moon to finish, set, seal each spell - to charge them up! You can use reiki energy if your that way inclined, you could drum and dance and pour that energy in, its endless really.

I would love to know how you like to charge up spells and if you have any travel spells or rituals you would like to share, I would love to hear about them.

Ray and I have a 5 days on our own in London to get up to mischief and I am hoping for a daytrip down to Brighton where my family is from and if you have any magikal, creative, weird and wonderful suggestions in and around London for us please let us know :D

Happy Travels

Brightest blessings

love faerie

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