Travel Spells - We are off to the UK

I am heading to the UK in 2 sleeps time! I am going on a magikal tour around the countryside visiting lots of sacred sights with my darling husband and 9 of our friends, ermagah i am so very, very excited. To prep for travel i love to create travel spells and i thought i would share some of them with you here.

Sigil magik is not a practise I employ often but when I do I really enjoy it. I mention sigil magik in the free PDF you can get on my website or when you signed up for the LoveLetter– 13 Ways to Add Magik to Your Creative Practice. I have had some feedback from the PDF asking what on earth sigils are. So here is the process I have used to create a sigil to aid us in our travels. I am in no ways an expert on sigil magik. I recommend reading up on it for yourself– there are lots of google articles and books out there. But here is my process.

So to begin, according to my current understanding and processes, a sigil is a unique spell created through condensing an intention down into a symbol. Throughout the process of creation they are encoded with your specific intention so they are potent and powerful and being handmade and creative is a very wonderful way for an Art Witch to make magik.

Let's do some SIGIL MAGIK

You will need a mark making tool of choice and a surface. Even if I am putting sigils into paintings I will always work in my magik journal first to practise various layouts.