The Cat Show

I got out of the square today and took myself along to one of my favourite places in Melbourne, the Bein Art Gallery in Brunswick, to see their latest exhibition 'The Cat Show'. I had wanted to visit on Saturday for 'Caturday' and the two year anniversary since my beloved Maxi Mew died, thankfully i emailed ahead to check that they were even going to be open because of Easter shizz and so i found out that today was the last day, so off i went.

Cinta Vidal "Cats on White"

The show was a group exhibition celebrating all things divine feline and I thought i would share a few of my favourites.

Courtney Brims "The Mariner" and "Undergrowth"

Courtney was actually the reason i really wanted to get to this exhibition in the first place, besides the theme of course because cats! I love her work so much, i can't believe it's coloured pencil - mind blown everytime i see her beautiful work.

Annita Maslov "Kindred"

Angela Lizon "Capturing the Beast of Bodmin Moor"

Scott G. Brooks "Gatto e Topo"

Mab Graves "Caturn Aliens"

And then there was a Mab! How did i not know this was going to happen? I have been following Mab on Instagram for Years now and i LOVE her and her work and i even have one of her limited edition prints, but somehow i missed that she was going to be apart of this exhibition, thanks instagram algorithm - derp. Anyway to see one of her paintings for reals was such a highlight <3 loveheart emojis forever!

Adipocere "Obsequy" and "6 of Swords"

Adipocere reminds me of another of her exhibitions that i went to recently that i shall now have to retrospectively bog about - i love her embroidery.

Naoto Hattori "Eye Cat" and "Visionary Awakening"

Heidi Taillefer "Sugar Shadow"

Zoe Williams "Jiodo Neko"

Lucia Heffernan "Uber Cat", "A timely Lunch","Cat on a Throne" and "Feline Optical"

I couldn't resist, alas what a dork, Cat Eye glasses foreverrr

Okidoki thats all for today

Stay magik and seek wonder

Love faerie xxx

#ArtExhibition #ArtLove #cats

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