The Highway is a Disco

Today i had the extreme pleasure of visiting the Del Kathryn Barton Exhibit The Highway is A Disco at the Ian Potter Centre NGV Australia at Federation Square in Melbourne.

It was the last day of the show and i knew i had to get into the city to see it. I had tried earlier in amongst the flurry of house hunting but i had ended up at the National Gallery of Victoria, i have only been here a year and i still get confused. I did get to see Mass by Ron Mueck and Eternity Buddha in Nirvana by Xu Zhen exhibited as part of the Triennial though so it wasn't a wasted visit at all.

Anyway i digress, Melbourne is full to the brim with wondrous art and i think i forever digress down many laneways and wormholes as i wander around looking at it all.

The first time i ever saw a Del Kathryn Barton was in 2008, when she won the Archibald Prize for a portrait of herself with her children. Since then i have loved looking at images of her work so detailed, patterned and psychedelic, i love her use of colour and the body. It is one thing to admire an artist on your computer screen and it is completely another thing to get to see their work for real, in person. That is when my Art Love buttons really get pushed.

From collage, film, sculpture and giant detailed mixed media paintings the whole show 'The Highway is a Disco' had me in awe. I love her celebration of women's sexual energy as powerful and liberated. It never felt vulgar or obscene to me just empowered and free.

I posted photos of the show onto my Facebook and Instagram accounts only to have insta pull it down immediately - what the what?! did someone complain because they saw a boob! oh dear, i posted the pictures again to insta, this time without the offending boob sadly and reiterated the Instagram Nudity allowed with in Art and Photography policy. I'm a bit spewing i edited myself. I was so inspired by Del's wild and free expression of the body.

I am inspired now to unpack the painbox and work on a figurative piece exploring pattern and freedom and wild sexual energy, how very healing and magik.


#ArtExhibition #ArtLove #DelKathrynBarton

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