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5 magik practices

We are moving house, currently we have no idea where that will be, for a moment we even thought we were heading back to Western Australia but it seems for now we shall stay another year in Melbourne.

Moving house tips me up and pours me out. I am both excited for new home feels and terrified we won't find something wonderful. We have been house hunting for three weeks now and I have to say we have seen some poor sad run down homes – gah. We have traipsed all over the city and suburbs looking at the rental market, it is fun to check out all the groovy areas but crikey places be so run down and gross and some places don’t even have gardens. How can a faerie live without a garden? I have pinterested a whole lot of balcony forests just in case we end up renting in a high rise :D #hippiesinhighrises and mapped out all routes to the botanic gardens or nearby parklands just in case.

What I have learnt over these three weeks since we found out we are moving is that

my attitude shapes my experience of life and that I have a paradoxical combination of brilliant faith and major trust issues and that doubt, worry and overthinking are crazy making monkeys that live inside my head.

I like to work on my crap so instead of going bananas about it all I have come up with a few practises to help me out.

Here is a sneak peak into the current life of a crazy faerie.

5 magik practices to support your whole Self when shit hits the fan.

1. I light an incense offering on our altar to the genus lochi, the faeries, the local nature spirits. And a candle to the highest self, and a prayer to remember our divinity, to walk through our day with open hearts remembering our connection to source energy.

2. Morning pages – I write three longhand pages of bla bla bla speedily written in the morning without stopping to check spelling or editing, and never to be read again. This is a space to just bla out all the monkey mind onto the page and then set it on fire or recycle into new paper. It’s a process from the Artist Way by Julia Cameron. And that is also a book I will recommend till the cows come home it changed my life in 2010 and I still come back to remind myself of its practises regularly.

3. Daily pranayama and sitting practise. I find the still mind meditations useless when my mind is whirring so fast but a series of small visualisation exercises all popped together combining mudra, mantra and breath work are creating the 15 minutes of stillness practise that is helping me so much to not totally lose my shit!

* I start with nadi shodhana, an alternative nostril breathing technique. I was taught to do 12 rounds in a pranayama course but I just feel into it in the moment and at least do 5 rounds focussing on the longer counted exhales.

* I then do a fourfold breath practise and breathe the chakras. Focusing on each coloured energy point within my body as I work the energy up my spine then back down. There is a YouTube video I love of the bija seed mantras of the chakras chanted along with the sound of the ragamala – recommended if sound in the background will help your focus. I have popped the video below to get you started, the 7.24 minute marks the beginning of the actual practise when you are ready to get to work without the initial information.

* I then align the three souls, ground and centre. Feri practise teaches us about the three selves. This is a link to an article about the Three Souls and how to align them by Storm Faerywolf. This practice for me is growing and evolving each day, sound is coming in, actions and movement and some days stillness, vision and breathe.

4. Daily tarot card draw to connect me back to spirit guidance.

I shuffle my deck and ground down and ask for a card to inform my day. I pull a card and place it on my altar, I journal about my intuitive response to the card – it has been eerily accurate. Initially the cards were very stressed, strife cards so I would also pull an accompanying oracle card asking how to get back into alignment – so helpful and the answer with this beautiful Rumi deck is always to come back to trust and love.

5. I finish my day with a written gratitude practice – geez, we really are SO fortunate, so fortunate to even have the option to find a new place to rent, that we can rest in the knowledge that we will Never be homeless. That isn’t a given for everyone. On the best days we go to the city with extra sandwiches for the people without homes and on the worst days when the sky is falling coming back to my little book of gratitude is a magik act. Each evening I open to a new page and write everything I am grateful for of that day. Spirit told me that the only way out is through. The only way out of the panic, out of the trouble, out of any problem is through. And gratitude is a wonderful pathway – pic of book

Over this last three weeks I have witnessed how missing one of these actions changes my day. but some days I can’t do everything on this list but I make sure I do something. That is the point - Do something to help yourself lift. I find it is actually easier to go down and get miserable, it hurts but it's easy. It's way harden to lift, but LIFT we must.

I would love to know more about other daily alignment practises so please share your ideas with me

brightest blessings love faerie

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