2018's first Dark Moon

This new calendar year began with the Full Moon in Cancer as Ray and I headed to Western Australia to gather with family on the farm in Denmark, a magik little town where the forest meets the sea. I met up with beautiful witch friends the day we landed, we sat drank tea and shared snacks and stories and company. Seeing them and then spending the week down in Denmark had me quite emotional, all the feels be felt and i realised - yes this is the medicine of Full Moon in Cancer - feel all the feels.

We arrived back in Melbourne last week and i get a bit spacey after travel but its kind of dragging on, i got the feeling of unease since returning, i wasn't sure what it was but the big wowee January feels just weren't there. 

Today burnt old shit and i felt so much better. I thought i had done the clearing i needed to do at Summer Solstice but it seemed there was more. Teachers from 2017 were thanked, anyone who inspired my practise and path got a mention and i let them go into the fire and in the process totally smoked out our bedroom  - but i think it might have needed it, lets see how we sleep this evening. 

I had been feeling since our return from a quick visit to Denmark, Western Australia, that i had missed the energy of the New Year somehow, that i was lagging behind. That Full Moon in Cancer was emotional, travel to Denmark was emotional. I had this discomfort this week, this irky unease of something needing to shift and so i danced and drummed and felt immediately better. I realised in leaning into the space of the altar that this was the New Year I was craving, it happens now. In fact it can happen any Dark Moon or New Moon or Birthday or really any day I am blessed enough to awake to, I just choose to start fresh, this is the joy of dancing to the beat of my own drum - literally, the joy of writing my own story, the joy of following my own path. I'm the creator, there is no permission slips so I'm just going with the flow.

The new moon will be in a couple of days, in Aquarius. A beautiful energy to begin fresh with and in alignment with the Kala practise i have begun working with to help me make peace with the inner critic and energies of self love and acceptance that arose with the Full Moon. For years i have been burning the layers of the critic, into the fire, into the fire, into the fire. Full Moon in Cancer revealed that in fact it was a blessed, but frightened, wounded part of me - not a piece to discard but instead embrace. And the best way to embrace the hard shit i have found is with the Kala Rite. A practise i first learnt when working through one of my favourite books on witchcraft i have ever read - Evolutionary Witchcraft by Thorn Coyle a Feri Tradition initiate.  Here is Link to how to practise The Kala Rite if your curious from the Feri Tradition website, this information is from Storm Faerywolf another Feri Initiate and teacher. 

Dark Moon blessings beautiful magik folk, do share with me your dark moon musings and celebrations in the comments

blessed be

love faerie


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