Summer Solstice Blessings

It is the Solstice this Friday the 22nd. Down here in Oz we have the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and for my Northern Hemisphere friends it is the Winter Solstice, the longest night. How lovely to ponder both energies as our beloved Earth is held between the polarities and thrives with magik and possibility.

To celebrate the Solstice this year I plan to begin with a fire ceremony, a shamanic practise i learnt a few years ago with the ever lovely Sa and Claudio of Sacred Radiance. The fire ceremony purifies and aids release and acceptance of anything heavy from the year that may be weighing me down.

I’m going to practise this ritual the eve before the Solstice on the Thursday night to create space within, an opening up to the radiance of the Solstice the following day.

On Solstice day I will brew Solar Tea.

Solar Tea Recipe

I plan to walk through the parklands near our home here in Melbourne and take in the landscape. This is a new land for me, new energy and new way of experiencing Summer, things aren’t so dry and brown yet like in Western Australia, flowers and colour flourishes in the gardens, life is celebrating. The sun is in it's zenith, its peak, its most potent time.

I want to experience the space and tune into the land, plant and animal spirits. I have found a wonder spot nearby that I have visited for each Solstice and Equinox point this year so I would like to return and just sit and be and take it all in. Summer Solstice is an energetic time but also a time of reflection and gratitude and giving thanks for all the wonder and growth of the year past. A celebration of your life as is!

It is also a time to shine brightly and gather the seeds of what we wish to plant and grow next year - what do you want to manifest into your life in 2018? As I wander through the parklands I will wonder on what I am celebrating, I will ponder on how I am to radiate and shine in the coming year, I tune into my inner vibrance and vitality and I will call it all in to me, to become manifest in light as I toast the sun and drink the Solar Tea in the evening with my beloveds.

I hope your Solstice is wondrous, what ever it may look like for you. Even just simply taking time in the day to stop and be present with your breath, with the earth around you and the sunshine and give thanks for the wonder that is, is a truly magikal act.


Blessed Be

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