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I have been sitting at the studio desk whenever i can this busy week. I have art work to get on with but i have this 'thing', this curious energy about that i haven't been able to put my finger on exactly what it is.

Something to be shifted, sorted, cleared out? Or a Something new to make? but what? So i tried a few things but everything felt a bit off, a bit forced or stale... hmmm... Hello? ... I could feel something happening or peeking at me just out there, just beyond, a something but i just couldn't make out what... what next.

Perhaps it's just the feeling of the energy the the waning moon, a slow, not heavy but like a leisurely plod along.

I was drawn to work with my oracle cards today to get to the bottom of this feeling and the magik of the cards helped enormously.

Oracle card Reading

I thought i would share the messages i received just incase you too have been feeling the feels. I have also included the tarot spread for you if would like to do a personalised reading for yourself.

You can use tarot or oracle, what ever you are intuitively drawn to.

Sacred Rebels Oracle

Hints for those of you new to tarot and oracle reading

Make yourself comfortable, perhaps with tea and a comfy nook, take a few breaths and connect into the present moment. Then light a candle, in honour of the reading ahead and to create a space of magik. Shuffle your deck of cards and set the intention for a reading to help you connect to your art practise - what ever creative expression may be for you. Draw cards intuitively, tuning into the intention for each card. I chose the four cards and then connected with my intuitive response to each card, i then read the accompanying book to connect with the creator of the decks interpretation.

The cards

The first card is the Challenge card

The second cards is the Muse card

The third card is the Art Love card

The fourth card is the Path card

The reading

For this reading i am working with the Sacred Rebels oracle by Alana Fairchild and Autumn Skye Morrison

Card 1. Challenge - The key to overcome my challenge

#26 Relax the hold of darkness and be at ease.

* Intuitive reading - Feel into the disconnect. Feel your place within the discomfort and challenge. How does it feel in the body? How does it feel in the breath? Then feel your body and breath in alignment, connection, comfort and ease in moving forward.

*book reading - This is an invitation to a new reality, a new way of being. "A reality not only of potential but of manifestation of the great, big cosmic YES! To access this reality you have to leap... You have to leave behind the dark weighty grip of hesitation, procrastination, second guessing and the belief you have to everything on your own... Be free to Act and affirm the intuitive feelings we have by following up on them. This is painting like someone who has lost their mind, completely free and from the heart."

Let your art be free, You are enough! Leap!

Card 2. Muse - The key that will inspire

#6 Shock of the new

* Intuitive reading - It's time to press random on the music mix and invite freshness and inspiration in, play , dance, try new things, shine bright in delight.

* book Reading - "A wild and unconventional voice is calling me... There is an affinity between you and this strange beautiful newness seeking to manifest." The strangeness is the key. The strangeness will rattle you, shock you, dare you to become more of yourself. Let yourself be exotic, unusual, eccentric, bizarre. Make peace with strange beauty and let it happen through you in creative flow.

Card 3. Art Love - The key to Art Love

#20 Softly softly the tender touch

* Intuitive reading - Tune into the energy of the Visionary, your sensitivity. Loving Kindness is the mantra for your creative heart.

* Book reading - Rather than force, be gentle.

Surrender the striving, the determination, the intensity, the struggle. Instead Allow what you want to manifest. "Be yourself, naturally and with ease, shine your light and allow your presence to invite that which you wish to receive. It is about cultivating an energy affinity with what you see, rather than feelings of lack and need... Let go of all force in your approach to creation Now."

Card 4. Path - The key to the next step

#23 Defend to the end the worthwhile

* Intuitive reading - Shadow Owl, here you are again. I Seek the Vision and I Know. The next step is to step into power, bravery, the radiant heart, a place of Authentic expression, sovereignty, no editing or dulling yourself down, playing small does not serve you anymore. You are the Warrior of the Wild Intuitive Heart, the Visionary.

* Book Reading - All that is genuinely and truly essential for the heart to throb with life is worthwhile. Anything that dulls or suffocates its vibrant aliveness must be questioned, challenged and more than likely cast aside, for the heart is our key to living an Authentic Life. You are a sacred warrior. A defender of the heart. Don't let love be chipped away by fear, criticism, doubt or untruth. Do not listen to "Your too sensitive" "too much" or "it doesn't matter". Strengthen the sacred warrior with what is meaningful and truthful.

This really reminded me of a passage from the ever beautiful The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Please do your heart a big favour and go read that tiny little book and even more delightful watch the beautiful animation made in 2015 - so so good.

The Little Prince

Here is the Oracle spread for you

Keys To Art Love Oracle Spread

My hope is that perhaps something of this reading has resonated with you and inspired greater connection and ArtLove into your life. Please let me know how you go with the spread.

Brightest blessings

faerie xxx

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