The Lost and Found Sketchbooks

In two weeks it will be a year on from when i had my car broken into and my sketchbooks stolen. It totally broke my heart that day, not because of the shock of the glass everywhere, or my stolen bag and laptop but the sketchbooks - the irreplaceable sketchbooks.

Only a month earlier I had had to let go of my home of 10 years after my husband was made redundant and we moved to a 1 bedroom nook on our friends property till we found our feet, this move required us to let go of most of our belongings and then my beloved furry friend Maxi died too, it was all too much. The night before Maxi died he sat on my sketchbook and i drew around him, drawing his shape and energy into the pages, he then drank milk with his paw and dripped it all over the sketchbook - this sketchbook that had been stolen.

Maxi Mew Cat Illustration