Dark Moon in Aries

It is the Dark Moon in Aries tonight

The Dark Moon and New Moon are different within my spiritual practise. The Dark Moon is when the moon is completely in shadow, the deep, the dark, the underworld, the unconscious, the void, the mystery. In my practise it has become a time when I do a moon forecast for the moonth ahead using Tarot and Oracle Cards. It has been a time of energy clearing for myself, my circle and my home, it is a time to reflect and journal on my intention set the previous New Moon which is always the same as the following Dark Moon for example this moonth - Aries.

Which brings me to the New Moon, this is the sliver of moon in the sky like a Cheshire cat grin, it is usually 2 – 3 days following the new moon in the next astrological sign. I use this sliver of New Moon like Artemis’s bow to send forth my arrow of intention out into the new moonth.

The New Moon is the beginning – the sankalpa, the intention and the Dark Moon, when the astrological sign is back as it was at the New Moon, is the reflection point, the death, the dark, the void. It is the key, the reminder to look back at out intentions and reflect on the lessons learnt. Did your intentions come to fruition? What lessons have you learnt about your nature along the way?

The astrological signs create a flavour if you like for each moon depending on their elemental and individual correspondences. You can go a deep into the astrology of the signs as you like. I feel into each one, let my senses tune into it through the filter of my current experience. This Aries moonth has been about action – the completion of projects, the fire to see things through, fire to burn out and transform, action, achievement. I launched my colour –in book this month, I worked on my mandala online workshops, I worked on developing daily creative practise with the #mindfulmandalamonth project and I learnt more about my empathic nature and self care.

In meditation last year my guides gave me the message of loving absolutely every aspect of myself, the good, the bad, the light, the dark. I was working through some heavy shadow shit at the time, old trauma had resurfaced to be processed and cleared rather than avoided, shamed and ignored. The guides asked me to;

love yourself as you love the whole of the moon.

Love Yourself as you love the whole of the moon

I have totally adored the moon my whole life, I positioned my bed underneath my north facing window as a child so I could sleep with her light on my face, so I could feel her blessing me and filling me with magik and light. Whether she is bright, light, full or the new moon sliver that makes me gasp in delight when i spy her or when I see her in her waning phase high in the sky in the afternoon or her deep dark moon nights I adore her, she is love. So they said apply this love to yourself. It is time to love the light, the shiny, the squee and the deep, the dark, the ugly, the shamed, the squashed parts of yourself too.

So I created an altar to the moon, with a beautiful ornate dark frame. In this mirror I was only allowed to send loving kindness to myself. If I noticed myself unconsciously critising myself as I peered within, I came back to my breath, to my heart space, to loving kindness, I loved all of myself. Upon the shelf below the mirror I placed crystals and candles and moon imagery that shifted and changed to reflect what I was working on each month.

Our living arrangements have become condensed into one room for now, every surface has become an altar, a space of love amongst the utilitarian objects of life – tissue box, laptop, pencil case, toiletries.

This dark moon has me feeling like I want to cleanse and reset the space, in the past it has been a time I would hold Fire Ceremonies and Energy Clearing and Blessing ceremonies of letting go. Perhaps all this will be better served in the Waning Moon days before the Dark Moon when we see the moon in the sky if we wake up very early? Perhaps it is time for the shift of Dark Moon into a time of stillness instead of clearing. Perhaps this moon of Arian action is asking me paradoxically to be still, to release the doing, to look at the shadow of the Aries action, war, charge, go go go and instead just be at peace with all that is. To look back on the Moonth that has been and acknowledge the action that has already taken place, to take a moment to let completion soak into my bones before I leap headfirst into the next project. Perhaps the action of Ares is asking me for no action? Instead let there be peace and stillness.

Blessed be

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