Handmade Wonderland's Colour In Book is here!

Once upon a time in 2014 I was home sick and my lil sister whom I like to call Mim, came to visit.

The auto-immune disease was being a biatch, sometimes I’m awesome and sometimes I’m not, on sick days clouds appear above my head and everything gets a bit grey and sad. I remembered sometimes as a kid doing colouring in when I was unwell and I said to my sister

“I need a colouring in book.”

This was in a time before Adult Colour – In books even existed – now I can hardly believe there was such a time. I just couldn’t seem to find a book I liked. My little sister very simply and matter of factly said to me “Why don’t you just make your own”

It was a lightbulb moment and I was thrilled with the idea and began to draw pictures to colour in. I then realised that perhaps someone else was looking for this book, that perhaps it wasnt just for me, so i set my intention to make an actual colour in book for big and little people.

Not long later the wave of adult colouring in books began and it was both wonderful and also bubble popping for me. The fear crept in you see.

Comparison Thief Joy

I stood in my beloved local book shop looking at all the colour in books that week by week began leaping onto the shelves, “I’m too late” I despaired, “I’ve missed the boat", "there is no room for me,” It really was quite depressing that all these books of squee were bringing me down, I was letting them bring me down because I was listening to the voice of fear, rather than the voice of love.

I realise now that I could have used the momentum of all the colour in books coming out as a sign of divine timing and alignment and being on-trend and use the moment to power my book out despite and because of it all. I could have listened to the voice of love – which is always encouraging, to remember to follow the path of my heart, my desire, my art and just make a colour in book anyway, there may be 1,000,000 books out there, but mine was still locked inside.

Instead I listened to fear, I made a few colour-in pages that I gave out at markets and events but my momentum kept getting stuck and would grind to a holt by my overwhelming fear, by the voice that said "not good enough."

I’m not sure how I broke free of the fear. I guess I have just been listening to my heart more and more lately, guiding my thinking back into alignment with my heart with daily intentions of loving kindness. The heart space is such a patient loving energy and there she was all this time gently waiting for her very own colour-in book.

Crystal Child

I shared a new picture for the colour-in book on the facebook page late last year and lamented about it all going slow and being a snail, Mim saw the post and for christmas she delighted my heart with a poster full of encouragement and quotes about other creative people and how long they took to achieve their dreams, i wish i could find it to share with you - my art studio is still in boxes since we moved and i have no idea which box it is within... when i find it i'll be sure to share it with you - i love it - thank you Mim.

So It is with great love and a heart full of squee that I can now finally say –

I have a colouring-in book! I have inspected the final proof and it's now at the printers ready to send out to you in a couple of weeks.

You can pre-order your very own copy here.

I hope that you LOVE filling it with rainbows as much as I have loved drawing all the pictures.

Big love

brightest blessingsxxx

#HandmadeWonderland #ColourInBook

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