See ya later February...

Here is a wee update of what has been going on in Handmade Wonderland.

So we have now officially moved interstate, landing three weeks ago – holy guacamole that has certainly tipped me up and poured me out. I have been feeling all the feelings as I do being a sensitive faerie.

My creative adventure is going to continue for now in Melbourne at my sisters. My beloved Ray of Sunshine recently got a new job in Renewable Energy Engineering over here so it is a very positive move for us and seeing as we live in this world that can be connected so easily with technology I’m sure Handmade Wonderland will continue to blossom... and Melbourne is apparently the art capital of Oz so i should fit in just fine :)

The next bubble of amazible going on has been the creation of my online workshops, the first will be exploring the creation of Mindful Mandalas. It’s an 8 part series exploring a variety of techniques and materials, visualisations, meditations, intention setting, and affirmation. The first tutorial is exploring mindful mandalas using acrylic paint.

It’s my intention to open the virtual doors to the Handmade Wonderland heArt School before the end of March.

And my final bubble of awesome is the completion of my very first Colour In book. It’s in its last phase of development at the printers and already people have been reserving their very own copies. I cant wait to crack open the pencil tin and enjoy colouring my colour-in book, I’m thinking of planning a colour in book party to encourage others to come colour-in too <3

And lastly on a personal note my health took a dive south at the end of last year with the return of an autoimmune disease I had been symptom free from for over 2.5 years. Moving home and states has also stressed out my nervous system and left me with a lot of anxiety and panic further stressing my gut health. These ailments are nothing I haven’t faced before but I was very dismayed at the response of the western medicine Dr and against all ‘common sense’ and allopathic medicine i have decided to treat myself naturally and embark once again on a holistic healing journey. It has been very inspiring for my spiritual and personal arts therapy practise to tune into my bodies intuitive wisdom and the healing powers of natural foods, medicinal herbs, energy medicine and yoga. I’m thinking of doing some blogs about this aspect of life because we are holistic beings and I like to share in the hopes of inspiring someone else’s journey and I feel like I have been resisting sharing as its not specifically ‘art’ related but my arts practise is about healing and wellbeing so perhaps it is in fact related.

Mitakuye Oyasin - We Are All Related

So that’s all for now my loves.

Brightest blessings

Love Faerie xx

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