Melbourne Here We Come

I have deja vu at the moment, all this beautiful rain and piles of stuff scattered around me, boxes beginning to take over… We are on the move again. Last year we moved from our beloved home in Scarborough to this gorgeous wee purple cottage while it rained and rained and rained.

I walk around this beautiful property, every footstep connecting to our earth big big eucalyptus trees reaching up overhead the sound of birds fill their branches and the crunch of bark and leaf under my feet. I connect into the energy of the property old and sacred, the shakti sedan, a meditation space and spiritual sanctuary for at least half a century. I am grateful..

I open my heart up to the land to the ancient trees and they remind me that

“this is not your home.”

It stings at first, a rejection, an abandonment. I lean in to the feeling and keep walking, the spirits speak of no thing, no place as home.

“Everything changes” they whisper, “everything dies, everything returns to the mother, to source. The home is found within beloved”, they say. I am shown an inner strength and light beam within my body but more than my body, a strong core “this is your home” they say.

Everything out side of this inner core will shift, change, fade, die, including your body, it will age, change, deteriorate too, it all returns to the mother, no one gets out alive, that is the truth. The only constant is this inner centre, call it by whatever you like, I was shown a white column of light. This is my only true home, this I need to develop strengthen and rely on, everything else will shift and change.

I kept walking, I felt the truth of the message, it resonated through my body like a ripple of butterflies. Despite being hard for a Cancerian moon beam to take in - Wrap my home around me, Comfort Me it yells, but deeper than the desire for nice things and comfort I felt the truth of it and I thought of yoga and meditation practises that focus on alignment and centering, I thought of the mountain posture and the 4 fold Feri breath work. This shall be my home then.

It makes sense now why 'Home' has been a recurring concept in my artwork, like many magik beans I meet, I have never felt like I belonged, like a stranded alien faerie, like I don’t know where my home truly is.

Last year when we moved from our beloved Scarborough nook I did a tarot reading to help guide our decision making and it said that the little purple cottage would be a continuation of the void, and the place for us to retreat to and that buying a gypsy wagon and heading off around Oz would be next, landing in Melbourne along the way. On the first of February, Ray and I will have been in our purple witches cottage for 9 months the perfect time to incubate in the void, the divine time to renew ourselves.

And as we once again pack to move I shall keep remembering to tune into my heart, my breath, my practise, I shall show up to mediate, align, breathe and drink a feck load of water – one of my spiritual teachers would say “Your processing a lot right now, you will either wee it out or cry it out, your decision” Go go go on the drinking of water I say.

Weird being unwell - a post for another time and now moving states it's left me feeling all the feels again, I feel like a nervous excited sad crazy person.

I totally need to drink all the water and ask for all the loving kindness vibes you can spare sent our way as we let go of our stuff again, pack the truck up - quite literally and head east.

This book is a life saver for minimalism and is helping me to only bring with us the things that spark joy, ermagah 1 room and my giant pile of art mess is hilarious, but it also feel so very very freeing.

It's really hard to say goodbye, so lets not, I’ll try get better at blogging, I can’t promise anything but I do like to post pics on Instagram and the facebook page so come hang out and say hello over there and I’ll share all my arty Melbourne adventures with you and the online art school coming soon.

Wish me luck.. oh and if you have any recommendations of wonderous hippy happy arty creative wonderous faerie witchy love happening in Melbourne that I might like to check out I would love your recommendations.

Brightest blessings



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