Our last Dark Moon for the year

Dark Moon is tonight, the final dark moon for 2016. In this darkness it feels like the perfect time to reflect on everything that has happened this year as the moon energy wanes and as we head into the new calendar year.

I know this year has been a big one for many of my friends and loved ones. Personally it has been a year of so much changing, ending and dying going on it has been hard to take at times. Don’t get me wrong a lot of really good things have happened too but the overwhelming feeling for me about 2016 has been one of ‘ermagah’.

Rather than burn, try to be rid of or distance myself from this year’s less than desirable moments, the guidance I have received in my meditations has been to gently sit in a space of acceptance. To make space to look at all the change and negativity rather in a light of lessons gained and as a transformational phoenix time. So tonight I’m going to do some soulful journaling about 2016, dive deep down and reflect on all that has passed and changed and come about and look for the blessings, lessons and gifts found in each moment.

This journaling will create the space within for new dreams to be born like a garden bed prepped with the composting of the old to make a nurturing space for new dream seeds to be sewn for the new calendar year.

Moon Mandala

Even though my spiritual path follows a wheel of the year celebration and reflection on the cycle of the earth and sun, this calendar New Year time holds potent energy, with everyone celebrating on the 31st of December the world over whether you are in the Southern or Northern hemisphere, winter or summer. I believed the union of everyone celebrating change makes for some potent energy being brewed by everyone. This year rather than bah- humbugging the whole silly season I have decided to use this New Year energy to help propel my dreaming for 2017 like fertiliser for my dream garden.

I’m thinking of setting up a sacred space and focussing the energy of the New Year celebration into my dreaming for the new year with a visualisation practise.

Rather than set resolutions that usually only just add pressure to my year I’m going to work with the idea of a word or two to guide and empower me throughout the year.

I want this word to be positive and empowering and in alignment with my core values. Something strong to help me grow and yet loving and caring so I’m not pushing myself from a striving straining space but rather from a more nurturing held space…

For now I am just going to focus on the Dark Moon, celebrate her darkness and mystery and as the new moon begins to show us her magik silver sliver over the next week hopefully the magik words for 2017 will emerge.

Brightest Blessings

#DarkMoon #Moon

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