I don't even like the word vlog ...

Today i uploaded my first YouTube vlog - it is totally awkward and i cringe to imagine anyone watching it - so please do not. But i think i am also a little bit happy that i even made one - a vlog, even that word makes me pull a really distasteful expression, words are funny, i'm strange, it's all good.

A friend suggested to me a few months ago to begin a vlog on YouTube to share my life as a faerie and a witch, doing art and living amongst other pagan people and just share my view of the world as i experience it. I thought yeah i could do that, and then i thought no i have nothing to say, who the hell would want to watch me crap on, i know nothing, bla bla bla, my inner fraud police and raging critic went to town hammering me back down into my shell.

Fortunately, perhaps, it was too late, the seed of this mad idea was planted and today i finally lept and made my first vlog, i had no idea what to say, i kept getting blocked, everytime i tried to plan anything the raging critic would unleash the torrent of self doubt and spew mean crap all over me till i was rendered motio