Turtle swimming through the ocean
Toy To The World Charity Auction Popobe Bear Pieces 2017
Toy to The World Charity Auction 2017

From little things BIG things grow!

I am super passionate about our Mother Earth and I do My best to be conscious about the footprint I leave behind. I also believe in giving back to the community to make the world an even more beautiful place.


A lot of the materials I use in the creative process are handmade, thrifted, recycled, reused, found, mended and filled with love.

From painting on recycled or handmade surfaces to Art dolls Filled with recycled fabric and threads.


I enjoy taking part in Art exhibitions and Workshops that give back to the environment and our community and each year a percentage of the money received from the selling of creations and workshops is donated to environmental charities.


So far Handmade Wonderland has Supported -

Greenpeace, The Wilderness Society, Art for the Great Barrier Reef, Hands of Gaia and Pagan Pens, Beyond Blue, Bruce Rock Youth Week and the Victorian Aids Council.


I think that is pretty nifty!