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Melbourne, Victoria                                                    

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Art For Your Heart

Soulful art and craft workshops

Online Workshops are under construction and coming soon.

Individual and small group art classes are available.

Art Witch Crafternoons

Hosted by the Muses of Mystery, Melbourne

Equinox Talismans

Saturday March 21st

11 - 1.00pm. $70. book via or in-store


I love my painting workshops with Sarah, she creates such a beautiful space, we invite creative spirit in and remove all ego. I have a hard time of letting go this. This artwork was a peacock at first, I was unhappy and ego started creeping in. Sarah said just keep adding layers and once I trusted and went with it I was able to create this. When you can get out of your head and into your heart it's amazing the things you can create.

Sinead B

I've never been able to draw as I'm sure you've seen me saying. Discovering these mandalas has opened up something up inside me that has led on to me doing other crazy pieces and i'm constantly amazed by what appears on the paper. I've also had a monkey mind and i find these so calming and relaxing and have really felt i was 'in the moment'. I've ALSO struggled with perfectionist tendencies in the past and it's been so therapeutic to draw these freehand mandalas and delight in the results. Wobbly bits and all. So thank you! Your challenge has quite literally changed my life.

Colleen S

Mindful Mandalas

Thank you Sarah, I have thoroughly enjoyed your amazing Spirit Doll workshop and connecting with such a beautiful group of women!! Your workshops were truly magickal and I am sure that many other women would love to be part of a workshop like that. You are a creative genius and I so look forward to us working on other projects again in the future!! Your Spirit Doll workshop has given me lots to think about for my future work. I love that we did that amazing ritual to release and then filled out dolls with love, magick and positive things!!


Sylvia L

Spirit Dolls

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What to expect in an Art for Your Heart class

Art for your Heart workshops are a bit different from regular art classes.

They are not just a place for creative skill development but also a space to connect within, to your heart, the place of peace, relaxation and creativity.


Faerie Sarah uses art as therapy and healing, they create spaces where participants not only learn new creative skills but are encouraged to connect to their heart spaces, to relax and engage with mindful practices. 


Sarah creates the creative space to inspire, awaken and energise the creative fire in us all. She creates safe, supportive and inspiring environments and encourages the confidence and creativity of each participant through a generosity of inspiration, ideas and encouragement. She equally challenges participants and supports them in their individual journey of opening and allowing creativity to blossom.